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Default Re: Mike's Reffing Book

Phoenix004 vs Johto Trainer
2 vs 2
No items

A battle of paralysis this was. Phoenix started with Electabuzz, JT with Mr. Mime. Mr. Mime was paralyzed immediately and switched out for Jolteon. These two paralyzed each other too, leaving much responsibility on the dice. =P It went Electabuzz' way, so Mr. Mime came out again. Electabuzz was weakened of course, so it fainted too. Umbreon came out, and easily took the paralyzed Mr. Mime down with Taunt and Faint Attack.

Phoenix wins, and receives $1000.
JT loses, but gets $500 to stop muttering about why he prefers Stadium. =P

I should get $1000 for reffing.

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