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Default Re: YGO RP: D.I.V.A. system


1) Monster Reborn: 100 SP: Revives 1 monster with full HP.

2) Premature Burial: 50 SP: Revives 1 monster with half of its HP.

3) Raigeki: 75 SP: Deals major Light damage to opponents’ monsters (Base: 120). Also minor SP damage (30). Magical attack.

4) Mage Power: X SP: Deals 2X damage to target. Cannot kill a target. (Duelist-EMPTY)

5) Dark Core: 90 SP: Deals dark damage to 1 target (Duelist-EMPTY) (Base 100) 25% chance MP Parasite, 25% Dispel target of good status.

6) Swords of Revealing Light: 100 SP: Opponents can’t use offensive spells/abilities, and can’t attack for next 3 turns of opponent (complete round of all [1 turn, all 4 party members have passed, then 2 more], not individual).

7) Twin Swords of Flashing Light – Tryce: 50 SP: Casts Haste, ATK DOWN 1, and Barrier on 1 target. The next normal attack of target of this spell will immediately Dispel the attacked target of all good status.

8) Rod of Silence – Kay’Est: 50 SP: Casts DEF UP 3, MDEF UP 3 on 1 target. Target is immune to spells for 3 of its turns.

9) Dian Keto, the Cure Master: 80 SP: Heals 1 target to MAX.

10) Dark Hole: 60 SP: Reduces all monsters to 1/2 of their current HP.

11) Tribute to the Doomed: 75 SP: 20% chance Death 1 monster. If fail, sure Stop target for 1 turn only (cannot be dispelled).

12) Offerings to the Doomed: 50 SP: 25% chance Death 1 monster. If successful, user is Silenced for 5 of its turns (cannot be dispelled).

13) Poison of the Old Man: 100 SP: Deal sure 120 damage to 1 target, and another target gains sure 80 HP.

14) Axe of Despair: 50 SP: Target loses 1/2 of its current HP, gains ATK UP 5 and MAG ATK UP 5.

15) Harpy's Feather Duster: 100 SP: Cancels all effects of items of opposing party and dispels all good status of opposing party. Passive abilities of opposing monsters are negated for 1 turn of that monster.

16) Change of Heart: 200 SP: Control 1 opposing monster for 1 turn.

1) Nightmare Wheel: Delay: 7 turns: (Initiative B) The 1st opposing monster that will do something is STOPPED for 1 turn. Cancel the attack/spell/ability that it was about to do. (Cannot be dispelled)

2) Negate Attack: Delay: 6 turns: (Initiative C) Opposing party cannot attack (spells and abilities can still be done).

3) Energy Drain: Delay: 8 turns: Duelist gains SP equal to the opposing Duelist’s remaining SP. Silenced for 1 turn (cannot be dispelled).

4) Waboku: Delay: 5 turns: 1st attack/spell/ability that will deal damage will deal 0 damage instead.

5) Mirror Force: Delay: 6 turns: Cancel the 1st attack/abilities that has damage done to your party/monster, and opposing party takes the supposed damage instead. Effects of abilities/attacks are not applied.

6) Imperial Order: Delay: 9 turns: Opposing party can’t use abilities for 1 turn (individually), and duelist is healed from all bad status (except dead… duh).

7) Trap Jammer: Delay: 8 turns: (Initiative A) Opposing duelist can’t use any items until the end his/her 2nd turn.

8) Magic Cylinder: Delay: 8 turns: Cancel the 1st ability/spell done by opposing party and redirect that ability/spell to another target of your choice.

9) Judgement of Anubis: Delay: 9 turns: Opposing duelist cannot use any items for 3 turns of duelist and is silenced (must be dispelled).

10) Mirror Wall: Delay: 10 turns: Until the end of the 3rd turn of duelist, whenever an attack/spell/ability deals damage to a target, that damage is reduced by half (negating other effects of items), and the source of that attack/spell/ability will have ATK DOWN 2 and MAG DOWN 2, ignoring immunity.

11) Call from the Darkness: Delay: 10 turns: Revives 1 monster with full HP and MP. Attribute type is changed to Dark, and permanently has ALL DOWN 2 (even if it died, and revived again). Cannot be used to revive Dark monsters.

12) White Hole: Delay: 5 turns: Saves own party from Dark Hole, and prevents the use of effects that reduce the life of target/targets with a specific amount (such as “sure 100 damage”, “reduced to 1/4”, ETC.) for 1 time of each party member

13) Call of the Haunted: Delay: 7 turns: Revives 1 monster with 1/2 of its HP left, MP same.

14) Destruction Ring: Delay: 7 turns: RANDOM amount of HP damage will be done to all targets (individually, not as a whole) [will be calculated by dice roll]. Cannot kill.

15) Sakaretsu Armor: Delay: 4 turns: Cancel the 1st attack/abilities that has damage done to your monster, and opposing monster takes the supposed damage instead. Effects of abilities/attacks are not applied.
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