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Default Re: Pokemon XD Questions...

Originally Posted by Staticbill View Post
I'm thinking of buying a used Pokemon XD game. I can buy it used for 30.00 dollars at my nearest Gamestop.

1. Is it really worth getting? I have seen parts of the game, and it seems ok.

I liked it quite a bit. It especially helped me with getting a lot of the G/S Pokemon onto my LG game, and eventually Pearl.

2. It is like Colusseum? I have it, and I didn't like it as much.

The storyline is somewhat similar, but I liked XD better, mainly because of the Purifying Machine that saved a lot of time.

3. If I do get it, should I get also a guide?

No. Check

4. Say if I beat the game, and gotten all my pokemon to Pearl. Could I restart the game, and still be able to get those pokemon again, and transfer to Pearl?

Of course; it's just like any other Pokemon game in that regard.

Any help will help. Thanks!
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