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Default Re: Pokemon XD Questions...

Originally Posted by Staticbill View Post
I'm thinking of buying a used Pokemon XD game. I can buy it used for 30.00 dollars at my nearest Gamestop.

1. Is it really worth getting? I have seen parts of the game, and it seems ok.

2. It is like Colusseum? I have it, and I didn't like it as much.

3. If I do get it, should I get also a guide?

4. Say if I beat the game, and gotten all my pokemon to Pearl. Could I restart the game, and still be able to get those pokemon again, and transfer to Pearl?

Any help will help. Thanks!
1. Well, the game is fun to play it, but it is boring when you have to purify the pokemon

2. Yes, but a little bit better, because you can get lugia easier, if you keep the masterball.

3. Do not get the guide, because i didnt need to, becuase the internet tells you what to do, so dont worry about the guide.

4.Yes, you can keep doing that.

Overall, the game is pretty fun the first time you play it, and you can get lugia in the game.
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