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Default Re: Love = Sex?

Originally Posted by Megumi View Post
I'm not sure I like what you're saying. You make it sound as though every girl just puts out, which, quite frankly, makes us sound like nothing more than common whores. I'm sure some girls have more morals than that.
I completely agree.
Boys typically don't respect girls who put out right away- regardless of what they'll say. Of course it's nice and loads of fun to get sum fairly soon(this behavior actually keeps boys in the relationship for longer than they initially might-- which says something about the girls who feel they have to put out early), but at the end of the day... not so much.

You don't need to have sex to have a fulfilling relationship. It's just a decent bonus.
(I can attest to that).

Most people still consider that sex.
I know i count it when asked "how many??"