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Default Re: Mike's Reffing Book

Johto Trainer vs Nefarious
3 vs 3
Stadium Rules
No items

Nefarious started with Dragonite, JT sent out Jolteon. After Toxic-ing Dragonite and creating a substitue, Jolteon took the mighty marine pokemon down. Gengar was sent, got paralyzed but first confused Jolteon and then put it asleep. JT then withdrew Jolteon for Porygon2, who took out Gengar with Psychic and ST's last pokemon Staryu with Thunderbolts, despite Camouflage and a few Minimize's.

JT wins, and receives $1000.
ST loses, but gets $500 to heal his pokemon.

I should get $1500 for reffing this battle.

"gengar is a fart" imsocorn (4:08:55): Is that your way of saying "and not a single **** was given that day" ?

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