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Default Re: Love = Sex?

Originally Posted by Azumao View Post
I wouldn't call a girl having sex with every boyfriend "decent." I do believe that a person, man or woman, should wait until marriage for sex. If you have sex with every boyfriend, then it is not near as special with your husband/wife.

I'm not insulting you're opinion, I just have a completely opposite standpoint.

When I say sex, I'm referring to any kind of sexual encounter.
Well I believe Love is not equal to Sex. Love to me is about knowing you can spend the rest of your life with this one person mostly happily. Sex in some cases, is like a release. People can be in love without sex, and people can have sex without being in love.

But I would have sex only if I'm sure I have some feelings for a person. Its Not neccessary to be married to have sex, in my opinion. But Sex could also be seen as a way to strengthen a relationship. It can be a part of a relationship, but it is not a part you can't do without.

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