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Default Re: Love = Sex?

Originally Posted by FemmeFatale View Post
Any decent girlfriend would have sex with her boyfriend, even if she didn't yet love him. I can't grasp how two people could be in love while withholding themselves (in the case of sex, their body) from each other. Love is about sharing, but even if you aren't in love sharing is caring.

I always share everything of myself with others who are worthy, and I expect the same acknowledgments in return.

However I find some you Pokemon partaker's view that love is special enough that sex should wait for it to be innocent, youthful, and refreshing.

Luckily my boyfriend doesn't think as such.
I wouldn't call a girl having sex with every boyfriend "decent." I do believe that a person, man or woman, should wait until marriage for sex. If you have sex with every boyfriend, then it is not near as special with your husband/wife.

I'm not insulting you're opinion, I just have a completely opposite standpoint.

Originally Posted by crazy231 View Post
I understand this whole arguement but and how opinions differ from one person to the nexr but what about oral sex?
When I say sex, I'm referring to any kind of sexual encounter.