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Default Re: Love = Sex?

Originally Posted by FemmeFatale View Post
Any decent girlfriend would have sex with her boyfriend, even if she didn't yet love him. I can't grasp how two people could be in love while withholding themselves (in the case of sex, their body) from each other. Love is about sharing, but even if you aren't in love sharing is caring.

I always share everything of myself with others who are worthy, and I expect the same acknowledgments in return.

However I find some you Pokemon partaker's view that love is special enough that sex should wait for it to be innocent, youthful, and refreshing.

Luckily my boyfriend doesn't think as such.
I have to disagree with you there. You say that any decent girlfriend would have sex with her boyfriend, but what about the younger generation - say 13, 14? Would you hold your argument when we're talking about children? Although, I don't believe that love and sex are the same thing. I believe that people who are very much in love can be in love without having sex. While sex would help the strength of a relationship, I believe that it isn't needed for a relationship to function.
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