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Originally Posted by korey19 View Post
Hi everyone, i'm sorry if this isnt allowed.
I got a wii yesterday, and i'm going to be hooking uo my wifi to it tomorrow . I need some people to answer the following questions.

1.What are wii points?
2.Where do you get wii points?
3. Does your wii and game have different friend codes?

I'm getting PBR soon, so any suggestions and tips about the game as well?
Uh, ok.
1: wii points are what you use to download virtual console games.
2: as far as i know, you can get them at video game stores, (eb games, gamespot, etc.) electronic stores: (Future Shop, Best Buy, etc.) and department stores: (Zellers, Wal-Mart, etc.) the points are in the form of cards, which you download them onto your wii, where they change into points. (1 wii card=2000 points.)
3: Sorry, im not to sure about that one.
p.s. if your getting it to buy, then dont get it, its a REAL dissapointment, but you might want to just rent it, cause you can download the special pokemon (Magmortar, Electivire, and Surfing Pikachu) onto D/P.
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