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Default The Legendary Traitor

The Legendary Traitor

“It was only recently that it happened, finally it was done, I had succeeded. For years I studied the space time continuum, I had hoped to learn the secret of of time travel, to visit places long gone, the chance to study those that lived long before my time. And while I’ve yet to accomplish that feat, I managed something perhaps even more amazing. For years I’ve believed that the universe like any other of its kind run in parallel to others. I was only half way done with my research when I came across it, an artifact dug up from the newly discovered continent in the Arctic Circle; a machine that could occupy two spaces in two different existence's, once diagnostics were done it was relatively easy to transport small items from one plane to another, but a human, or even a small animal took more work, but finally, I managed to unlock the secret, the secret to traveling between planes of existence. Unable to trust anybody else with my secret I sent myself, one human, into a vastly different plane of existence, one my kind has never entered before, I have tried to accurately describe and record everything I’ve experienced during my stay there, and it all started with this... ” ~ Diary Prologue.


The sky overhead was overcast, as thunder rumble far within the heavens, electric bolts of lightning danced across the dark gray clouds casting pale shadows upon the ground, and yet, not a single drop of rain could be seen nor felt.

It was impossible to tell the time of day, especially without knowing the cycles days existed on, but it was dark, whether that was due to night, or the overcast was anybody’s guess. But as another round of lightning raced through the clouds the land was lit up, a castle or something along those lines in the close distance, in fact, it looked as if any defensive measures such as a moat where in the other direction. But it was a figure in a few hundred yards ahead that commanded attention, dressed from head to toe in a red robe, judging from his height he was male, but it was impossible to tell without knowing the specs of both genders here, regardless, there was little to do but follow, straight towards the large structure that closely resembled a medieval times castle.

He was male, at least that was the assumption, after catching a glimpse of the twin swords he carried, one on his back, one on his left hip, there was serious doubt he was of the female equivalent gender, at least until proven otherwise.

But if there was anything that stuck out about him was his coolness, his gaze was unwavering, his gait sure, even when the bolt of lightning came down at speeds too fast for the eye to perceive struck down only feet away, he simply ignored it, carrying on. He either had knowledge about this land that had made him fearless, or he was oblivious on a level not know before.

When he finally arrived at the castle there were two figures guarding the large door, there was little doubt more were guarding the upper levels but they were invisible to anybody not in the right spot.

Another bolt of lightning hit, almost a hundred feet from the three figures, spraying up dirt and grass everywhere. It was light provided from that, which first provided enough light to see the the two guards were not human, close to it but not human, more bulkier built than a human with gray tinted, taunt skin, the creatures appeared to be a type of humanoid, until the their faces could be seen; their skin stretched up above the neck and behind their head covering their scalp, but the front of their skull was completely bare, nothing but the skeletal scene of their jaw bones, nostrils and mouth, their eyes were sunk in deep, and their forehead set back perfectly; and in their hands were huge battle axes.

It was then that doubts of this voyage first showed up, an assumption had been made about the first figure being human, but what if it wasn’t? What if no humans existed at all? The thought was terrifying in it’s own right.

Unfortunately it wasn’t a question of what was safe, human curiosity was a powerful thing and as the assumed human started to speak to the guards it was time to move in for a closer work.

Even at a closer range, there was little way of knowing what was being said, but judging from the head shakes and the way the guards were gripping their axes it didn’t seem to be going well. That’s when the human raised his right hand, in it was a object neither oval or circular but somewhere in between. It was only when he held it by what looked like fur did the realization hit; it was a severed head, one from the same species as the guards.

Both took a step back, glancing at each other, with what looked like reluctance one turned and headed inside the castle, leaving the other two alone with each other, in darkness, save the occasional blast of electricity.

After what seemed like hours torches appeared in the huge doorway leading in, row after row of the gray skinned species walked out bearing torches twice the size of anything seen on home outside the Olympics. They quickly setup a perimeter, providing light throughout the area, and unknown to them, the figure studying them near by.

Once they had taken their positions he came, they carried he him out, sitting on a chair atop a stretcher look-alike, there was little doubt he was of royalty; six of his species carried the stretcher from either side, he himself was adorned in red armor and black armor, the hilt of a sword stuck out behind his back, he was tad larger than those around him but other than that there was little to suggest that he had gained his title through anything but birth.

The stretcher settled to a stop just in front of the human figure, but it wasn’t lowered, undoubtedly a power play. Strangely, when the alien spoke, he voice carried quite far though, it seemed as if he was speaking no louder than anybody before him; even more strangely was that it was heard in basic.

“So, the legendary warrior himself, graces me with his presence, what a pleasant surprise.”

“Don’t lie to yourself,” the warrior snorted, “you know my terms, what is your choice?”

“The king nodded, “I do know your terms, but I’m still having trouble figuring out why I should give you and your knights control of my army, even with you opposing us, this world will fall, and I have my doubts you could stand being the reason behind the slaughter of your own people.”

The warrior stood up a little straighter, “I’ve told you before, you have two choices, let me and my knights gain control of this world for you and when the time is right your death will be quick and painless. Or you can defy us and we’ll ravage your army from on side of the planet to the next.”

With a gesture of a hand the king was lowered,down, standing up, he walked around the knight,

“I think we may have a misunderstanding here, I could always use slaves, so I’ll tell you this, you and your knights come back and swear your loyalty once again to me, and I’ll make this a slave world, from which you can rule.”

The king smiled, “You will have to kill any opposing forces of course, but I think we may be able to accomplish much more together, than against each other.”

The warrior remained silent after the king’s words, leavving the place silent except for the storm overhead.

Finally he spoke, “You’ll see us when we are needed.”

He turned around to leave and stopped, “Next time we meet it’d be wise for you to choose your words carefully, for I will hold you to them, break one and there isn’t a thing in the galaxy that will stop me,” tossing the severed head at the feet of the king he left.

“Perhaps you should do the same,” the king advised the retreating figure, but it was too late, with his departure the storm had stopped and he was already out of range of the torches.


It took hours of hours of walking to get away from the castle, during of which I pondered what had taken place, new to the world, my awareness of the happens both past and present was in fact zero. After miles of traveling through little but grassy knolls as far as the eye can see, I came to a small cottage. In it was a elderly woman, kind enough to take in a man wearing what was sure to be strange attire, it took a little prodding, but eventually she opened up enough to give away precious information.
Apparently the gray beast I had seen were newcomers, quite literally, appearing on the planet only a bit ago, they had quickly spread out, conquering land as they went, using strange beast of war to further their causes, so far they had taken much land and slaves, lead by a group of knights – human nights. She had little idea of their origins or why they were fighting but apparently they were headed northwest, to the last bastion of hope and the biggest city known on the planet. our conversation eventually ended with her laying out blankets for me to bed down on, her last words for the night, laying faith in the human race to stop the beast and the knights before they conquered everyone. - I didn’t have the heart to tell her I thought he had switched sides, giving her hope, but I found myself praying nonetheless...


~Two Weeks Later

It was a curious thing, the city she pointed out all those nights ago, bigger than anything ever seen before on any other discovered universe. Its circumference larger than that any two countries, the wall surrounding it, impossibly high. A good thing too because just outside the city stood two small armies. Small of course being relative, with the numbers probably numbering thousands for the farthest army which looked to be human. The closer army which only seemed to number about a half of the humans though, they were the gray skinned beast.

When reviewing the circumstances one might have run, but curiosity as stated before is a dangerous thing, compelled beyond all reasonable belief, a closer look was needed.

Creeping within a mere thousand yards it was only here that the king was visible, about five hundred yards to the left of the army he was talking in earnest with the warrior; again they seemed in disagreement, unfortunately they couldn't be heard. Moments later, the warrior stalked off, a dozen or so men following him.

Forgot what you’ve ever heard of seen in movies, for they simply cannot do justice to the carnage and terror that truely defines close quarter war. The yells and thundering as they charge foward, intent on battering the other side back. The screams of anquished pain from men and beast alike as they are stabbed and hacked to death. The screeching of metal upon metal. And of course, the terrorfying roars of the monsters that the gray skinned beast brought to bear on the humans.

Men against beast was bad enough, despite their advantage in size, the humans simply oculd not match the brute strength their gray skinned couterparts could muster up. In the cramped fighting space of medievel combat, it often took or three humans to fell just one of the beast. Meanwhile it was hard to watch as even the smalled beast took up a fallen battle axe, wielding it as though it were a small toy and effortlessly cleaved in half his desperate opponent.

The biggest of the beast carried massive war hammers, much larger than the average size of a normal human male. One could only watch as the biggest of the gray skinned warriors hefted his and promply caved in the skull of a nearly combatant with a single swing. Turning he swept it at midlevel, toppling several humans over, the force of the blow, pushing blood from their lungs up to their mouths, in some cases choking them. Without mercy he continued his brutal trek through the human army, using both hammer and pole alike to pummel any within its massive reach until finally, he paused, his face stretched taunt in surprise, at the sword that had buried in his chest. Slowly he toppled over, dead before he could look into the face of his killer.

Despite the overwhelming odds they faced, the humans never once wavered, not a single one chose to turn and fled, as the gray skinned beast cut through their ranks. One could only wonder what kind of fear could drive one to face certain death, for the alternate ending most be even more frightening. Still the humans refused to give ground, determined not hold up against the humanoid assault. Nonetheless it was a losing battle, those that didn't fall right away under the horrific attacks, only grew more tired as they desperately defended their turf.

A human force that started out numbering thousands was now down below a thousand, and growing weaker. Sensing victory, the humanoids made one last final push, bowling humans out of the way, as they battered towards the city. One could only watch as one of the beast picked a human up with a single hand and starting apply pressure to the skull nearly capsizing it. Only when it seemed the humans had lost for sure that things began to turn.

It started with when a single humanoid jumped ahead of his companions, battering around anything in his way with the help of a battlehammer. One warrior in particular rose up against the gray skinned beast, battling back. Slashing and hacking he tried to keep the humoind back, but it was the hammer that held the length advantage. With a single smooth stroke the humanoid knocked the sowrd out of the young warrior's grasp and coming back around, caught him off balance, tumbling him to the ground. The warrior could only watch as the gray skinned beast hefted his warhammer up, intent on bringing it down, crushing his opponent. Instead, the warrior watched as the hammer fell from the lifeless grasp of the humanoid as an arrow pierced his skull. The force of it lifting him off his feet.

The sight was enough to bring fighting to a near standstill as both sides looked on. Only when the din of battle settled was the sound of galloping footsteps heard. Two more humanoids promptly fell to arrows as thirteen knights dressed decoratively sped into view riding upon horses that seemed bathed in fire, a single horn adorned each animals forehead.. Both sides seemed stunned by the turn of events as neither made any move whatsoever, allowing the knights to blaze quite literally across the human lines and straight towards their enemies...

In the span of not even a minute, the battle had gone from fierce, to a standstill, then finally to massive bloodshed. The kinghts didn't pause for even the briefest of seconds as the swept through the humanoid ranks. Atop their steeds, armed with swords and bows they set about decimating the ranks in short order. It was almost comical the way both sides seemed utterly at a loss to do, were it not for the massive amounts of blood being spilled. Then within the span of a few seconds fighting resumed, as the rest of the humans pitched in with renewed efforts, while the humanoids had the opposite reaction, suddenly finding themselves fighting defensively.

For all their strength and brute force, it was clear the gray skinned beast were not expecting to fight the newcomers, and it showed. Most fell quickly, thanks to the knights advantage with their steeds, those that did manage to fight back didn't last all that long. One humanoid tried swinging at one of the horses in an attempt to knock its rider loose, but was only rewarded in getting the horse to rhien up on its hindlegs, spewing forth a stream of liquid fire onto its atagonist.

A battle that once seemed loss for the humans had quickly become even; and with every slice the knights made the battle fell that much more in their favor. Finally, the head knight dismounted, his sword held at the ready. A Humanoid immediately rushed in sensing weakness and brought his axe to bear on the knight. But for all his armor, the knight moved with a sense of grace and neatly sidestepped the blow, by the time the gray skinned opponent realized what had happened, he was already dead, his head rolling far from the reach of its body. The knight swung around, his sword dancing in front of anyone brave or foolish enough to come within reach. He dodged another blow, and brought his sword down on his attacker. The sword splintered through the axe brought up to block the blow and the sword sailed deep into the skull of another humanoid. Yanking it out, the knight dashed forward into more combat.

A battle that had once been filled with the screams of humans all around, had now turned into the slaughter of an alien species, and it was theri screams that filled the morning air. It wasn't long before the King was spotted stalking down towards the battlefield, his cape fluttering in the wind behind him. Anger evident in every movement. obviously, whatever disagreements he and the knights had, he had not expected it to come down to this.

The few remaining humanoids fell back, leaving the knights and humans to face the king. Undaunted the king strode right up the head knight.
"You, and everyone else is dead!" He roared in anger, "all of them! Because of you! And you'd better remember it," he said through clenched teeth.
The Knight didn't look alarmed in the least, as he pointed his sword at the creature. "You pick up your remaining forces and go. Before I add your bodies to the dead here."
Nonplussed the King smirked, "You think you can strike me down?" He asked slightly put on by the knight's brashness.
For an answer the Knight angled his sword down and brought it up, intent on cleaving the King's face in half. It would have too, had it not been for the green colored scythe that came crashing down from nowhere, blocking the attack.
"You are even more foolish than I thought," the King remarked turning to leave, "kill him," he ordered a skinny, green colored skeletal bug, from which the scythe had originated from.
"I can handle one of your creatures," the knight taunted back easily.
The King shrugged in response, "as you wish."

With that the King and the rest of his men disappeared over the horizen, leaving the Knight to face the bug, and a strange floating face, that seemed to emit darkness from its very being.

The knight squared off against his opponents, ready for any surprise movements they might try. Instead the floating face just moaned softly, its eyes growing wider and wider. Ever so slightly the knight wavered, as if shaking off the cobwebs after a long nights rest. Seeing its chance, the Bug creature seemed to move faster than the eye could follow, delivering a shoulder charge into the man, knocking him over. The kinght came up slashing, aiming to cut the animal across the abdomin. With a quickness that seemed born of the wind, the creature hopped backwards out of harms way. Steadily, the warrior rose to a standing position, sword held at the ready.

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