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Default Re: General Chit Chat

Originally Posted by Thunderbird
Hey Kenshin, yyyy do u hate pokemon?? u actually love it before O_o
I don't think he "hates" it, he just doesn't have interest in it anymore. If sure he spends more time on stuff he likes then what he hates (Kenshin, you don't spend your time burning Pokemon products do you? heh).

Anyways, people just lose interest, it happens.

Originally Posted by Blastoise
once a thief...always a thief
nha just joking. It's a good site, why he needs to steal things ?

Btw, is a vbulletin expensive ?
Depends what you think is expensive, here's the prices:

Leased License - $85 (One year)
Owned License - $160 (Unlimited years, but must pay $30 per year after the first year if you want to have access to updates/upgrades to vBulletin).

Most people get the Owned License, and that's what we have. vB is a very good forum to use, almost anything can be customized. I say the prices are pretty fair for what you get.
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