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Default Re: Team Ultrakillers (Bravery, Loyalty, Agility, and Kindness)

Team Name XIII (Leader: Swampert)
CAN RESCUE UP TO almost anything that's not lvl 1
RANK: Platinum

Saix (Swampert) @ Lv. 100

Move 1: Ice beam
Move 2: Surf
Move 3: Water Gun
Move 4: Earthquake

Larxene (Raichu) @ Lv. 70

Move 1: Thunder Shock
Move 2: Thunderbolt
Move 3: Quick Attack
Move 4: Slam

Successful * Rank Missions: 5
Successful A Rank Missions: 15
Successful B Rank Missions: too many to count!
Successful C Rank Missions: ^see^
Successful D Rank Missions: ^see^
Successful E Rank Missions: ^see^

About your rescues: i can't do lvl 1 dungeons....

am i in?
Credit for avvie goes to Hyper Blaze

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