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Originally Posted by bumblebee16 View Post
Well I want some easy joy seeds and friend bows please. And the TM flash and strenght
Joy Seeds:
??8N XCF? 4R?4
N+?9 6466 R??W

??8N X3+? 48?F
JS?9 6466 R??W

??8N !2.? 4R?H
Q.?Q 6466 R??W

??8N 7!Y? 4R?P
Q.?5 6466 R??W

??8N M2Y? 4P??
RF?0 6466 R??W

Friend Bows:
Unavailable at the Moment

TM Flash:
??8N MJ.? 4P?7
!F?0 64N6 M??W

TM Strength:
??-N MM.? 4P?+
7F?0 64N6 5??W
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