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Default Re: PE2K Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment!

Triple H defeats the other two as usual.
Taker beats Kane (I hate Kane).
Kurt beats Eddie. Sorry Eddie, but Kurt is the best as villain.
Stacy and Miss Jackie beats Torrie and Sable. No offense to anyone, I think Stacy is hotter than Torrie. And I don't card about Sable or Miss Jackie.
Cena beats Big Show. Show needs to go back to the WWE title.
Rey Mysterio beats Chavo. Just I hate Chavo.
Evolution beats Rock n' Sock. It's just so wrong that it's the right thing to choose.
Victoria beats Molly. Look, I like Victoria cuz she's a psycho. I'm sure Molly can join her.
Jericho beats Christian. Jericho is truly a big man now. Chrisitan's still a baby.
Goldberg Beats Lesnar. I have no idea who will win. I'd like Goldberg to win tho, since I heard he will retire.
Jindrak + Cade wins tag. YEah, the contract thingy with RVD.
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