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Default Re: GameShark/Action Replay Codes

Originally Posted by AshMistyMayfan View Post
I ran into a problem on Fire Red that nobody has the answer to. I used the code to catch Mew, and to put Mew in box 1, slot 1. Well after I got Mew, an egg was in box 1, slot 1, Mew was on box 1, slot 30. IN taking Mew out, Mew disobeyed. I also tried to get info on the mystery egg, which I heard that if you touched it in anyway, the game crashes in some way. When I go to the PC on red, it has totally crashed, as in I can't take out or get Pokemon. I already won on Fire Red, but did I end up crashing the game? Is it best to get Mew on Pokemon RS and then trade it over to FR/LG?
I think you've got what they call a 'Bad Egg'. It sometimes happens if you catch an Elite Four's pokemon- they turn into a 'Bad Egg'. You can't release it, trade it or even move it!

I think, somehow by getting the Mew, it got a 'Bad Egg' onto your game.

Unfortunately, I can't help you with it....

On a brighter side, if you were looking for a Mew that obeys, try:

It says LG but it does have Mew codes (that obeys!) for FR, too. Otherwise, check FR!

Hope I helped!
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