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Default Re: Bron's Reffing Stats

Well, I'm not dead in terms of reffing. Here's one, just to prove that I still ref.

DC/Thanatos vs. Neptunes Disciple
Starmie vs. Marshtomp
GSC rules, no items

DC called out Psychic and ND called out Earthquake. I counted the stats for the first round, and they decided to do the same attacks again. I asked if they would keep calling the same attacks over and over. They said yes, and since Starmie's HP was slightly higher I asked if they wanted me to keep showing stats and subtracting the same number, and ND said that since Starmie's HP was higher and his Pkmn was slower, I could just declare DC the winner. DC would have won anyway, with the HP as it was.

DC is declared the winner and gets $1000
ND is declared the loser and gets $500

I reffed.
This was a 1on1 battle, so my pay should be $500. *PAID
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