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Default Re: Love = Sex?

Originally Posted by Ataro View Post
Now now now, what's your opinion on this debate title? Does love equals to sex? Voice out your opinions, comments, whatever.

No pervs, no RA related things.


Love = Sex?

Some people thinks that love is all about sex, while some others think love is not only about sex. I don't really know how to explain. I'll put up my reasons then.

I feel that love does equals to sex. Well, mostly. You see, people that claim loving someone have nothing to do with sex, sex is just an optional thing to do when you love someone. But did you ever thought of why do couples that love each other always have sex in the end? I feel that its because love still equals to sex. Loving someone really binds down to sex in the end. That's all I have to say, until someone disrupt my thoughts.
i agree with ur thinking
thats all i have to say