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Default Re: Mixed Groups/Clubs Chit Chat

Originally Posted by Marth
I have seen a lot of "Teams" that have similar characteristics:
-Specific Pokémon Type.
-Raise of Pokémon Via posting.
Therse are mass-produced whenever someone feels like doing one. There are some exceptions.... only one actually.
Some members abuse of this space....Seto Kaiba has "founded" 3 clubs already, one of them closed
The Dark Counsil IS the only active Mixed-Group Club. Besides PE2K Village, but it's kinda death.
We also have the WAR Teams, from Seasons 1 to 4.
INHO, I think another board should be created for these kind of groups. Inside mixed/boards, of course. Most of them are useful for Spamming though.

It has been suggested to Ryan to create other boards, specifically a separate board for the War. Ryan, however, thinks that the current state of the Mixed Groups Section is fine and works for all groups.

Personally, I kind of see his point of view. Most of the activity in the Groups Section have been thanks to the War Teams. The other clubs don't tend to live very long. If we had the spam activity of PC in this section, then a separate board would be best, but for now, the Groups Section is really the War Section in disguise.
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