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Default Re: Love = Sex?

Originally Posted by pikachu25king View Post
its a mix of both

Ok, for those who have errm...experienced this subject with someone they know they truly love, will know that the best part would have to be afterwards, just lying there, knowing that you are together, with someone who needs you in the world.

Without having real experience in full-blown love, you cannot really judge the feeling. Its pretty much euphoria. Love is a blissful thing by itself but sex is, what i've found, the apex of your love, coming together to act in this way. It's animalistic and instinctual.

So yes, sex usually does result because of love.

On the other hand, there is the recreational side of it.
Smiled and admired amongst men, yet discouraged by girls to avoid brutal name calling, sex without love is probably one of the lonliest things a human being can go through. Because, as Scott has mentioned before, its pretty much hollow. You're looking for the love, but there's nothing there. May feel good, but never results in any good.

So, heres a little math roundup.
Love + Sex = Bliss | Sex + no Love = Lonely | Love + No Sex = Either reaal dedication and trust, or disinterest.

Thar be my opinion =)

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