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Default Re: Celebi for trade, as many as you want

Originally Posted by slvdrw View Post
Ok I have this device that is like a gameshark, but is called Brainboy, It is only good for Silver and Gold, I vowed to only use it to obtain Celebi, which is no longer obtainable through a Nintendo event. I have used it to obtain Celebi in hopes to complete my Pokedex.

Trading, I need to trade to catch all of the Pokemon, therefore sice I can obtain as many Celebi's as I want I am offering to trade with ANYONE, ANYWHERE in California, juss post below and we will discuss it. I know very safe and secure places where trading wont be a problem.
You do realize that this is the wrong sub-forum for that, and it needs to be moved. NO ONE at all can trade you(and sadly, neither can I for I can make as many as I want.

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