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Exclamation Roleplaying Olympics Nominations

After much communication and organization, I have managed to create a Roleplaying Olympics between the major pokemon forums online. This competition is based on sportsmanship and allows the participating forums to prove their worth. Only the best roleplayers will succeed, earning a name for himself or herself and the forum represented.

Each forum will need to send two representatives and one judge. Also, I suggest that we choose one runner up, just in case one representative can't roleplay for any various reason. While some administrators will choose their representatives, I felt it was best that we elect them. As for the judging position, I'll pick him or her myself.

So, in light of this democracy, I ask that you nominate a member of PE2K that you believe will best represent the forum in roleplaying. You can only nominate one person and you cannot nominate yourself. If someone has already nominated that person, please don't nominate him or her again. By Saturday, I'll close the nominations and put up a vote. The top two people will earn the right to be the representatives. The third highest person will be the runner-up.

Think wisely before your nominate. Remember, this is your representative. If you have any questions, please post them here.
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