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Default Re: General Chit Chat

Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu
Oh God... Way to go Raik, take a lookie at what you just started:

It sure as hell ain't easy to maintain a website as large as Serebii's is. Maybe it would be nice to appreciate the things he has done well with the site? Considering the size of it all, site+forum+LIFE=VERY HARD WORK. He's done a great job, just give that consideration rather than the theaving. And face it Raik, if it wasn't images, we've all stolen something in our life. Forget about the past and move on, thank you very much.
Hey, it's not my fault, people said that and I followed suit. Why do I get blamed for just being unlucky that he saw me posting this?

Yes, I know that site's awesome. I just follow the crowd. They say somebody is a thief, so I say it too. No, don't give me the "He say I should die, so I will die" crap. Forget what I said then, just take it I never posted this trash ::) I apologise for all inconvenience/sorrow/hatred/unhappiness caused. ;-)
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