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Default Re: Fan Fic Announcements and feedback

I don't know if anyone actually READS my fic, but after I finish it, I had an idea for a story, still a Redwall fic, called Missing Marlfox.

Plot so far:

When Queen Silth of the Marlfox brood ruled with her King, there was an unknown Marlfox born before all the others.

Krimal the Marlfox was the son of Queen Silth and King Purefang. When Silth and Purefang had first taken over the Marlfox Isle, Krimal was conceived and born.

After Silth murdered Purefang and had given birth to the rest of the Marlfox brood (Mokkan, Ascrod, Ziral, Predak, Gelltor) Krimal began to feel it was dangerous to stay with his mother on the island.

After Silth tried to have him fed to the Teeth of the Deeps (A shoal of deadly Pike) Krimal left the island and went wondering up north, where he found a wandering band of foxes and began to form his army.... Of Half-foxes (a cross between a marlfox and other vulpine and lupine species) who plan to overthrow Redwall Abbey!

Well, that's the plot so far, it's still a work in progress, but instead of following the usual redwall plot and all, I'm going to make it from the 'bad' guys side of the story, so technically the Redwallers will be evil! *Mice bite somethin fierce ya know!*

For the good load of people that have never read redwall by Brian Jacques, or heard of it until now, i suggest you read it right away! The books are priced at around $20.00 in Australia and... You'd have to convert to get the prices around the world :p

Redwall and all affiliates (Marlfox, Silth, Lantur, Mokkan, Gelltor, Ascrod, Ziral, Predak, etc.) are copywrighted by Brian Jacques
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