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Default Re: Pokemon: Light sky- dark abyss versions (need spriters)

Ok well first this may take a few pages due to image per page restrictions. Now this will be a huge update. After that I will be reorginzing some stuff on the first post.
Let start with sprites
Banete evo all these are by Maxxa

Likutung prevo


qrual evo

cosmo evo

Qural final

chimeco evo


a cosomic

three speacil pokemon

This is a outline by me of some upcoming new pokemon

Now trainer sprites. All these are by me a few from mostly scratch

This is for the second gym leader

girl back pose

boy back pose

boy hero

old grunts

girl hero

last gym leader

these are overworld

old rival

the 5th gym leader

ok here is the maps
the second town with a gym
the first route
and some ruins where legendries may be found

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