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Default Re: YGO RP: D.I.V.A. system



1) Raigeki: 75 SP: Deals major Light damage to opponentsí monsters (Base: 120). Also minor SP damage (30). Magical attack.

2) Pot of Greed: 0 SP: Heal 20 SP for 1 target.

3) Dark Hole: 60 SP: Reduces all monsters to 1/2 of their current HP.

4) Messenger of Peace: 50 SP: 50% chance Blinds and 50% chance Silences opposing monsters.

5) Graceful Charity: 50 SP: Heals party member (Base 100), also gives 30 SP to party member.

6) Shallow Grave: 40 SP: Deals damage to target = to 1/4 of its current HP.

7) Mystical Space Typhoon: 50 SP: Cancel item effect on a target.

8) De-Spell: 20 SP: Dispels 1 target of all good or bad status (you chose).

9) Giant Trunade: 60 SP: Cancels all effects of items on all, and dispels all of good status.

10) Premature Burial: 50 SP: Revives 1 monster with half of its HP.

11) Delinquent Duo: 120 SP: Opposing duelist canít use items and is blinded and silenced until the 2nd turn of duelist (you [on your next next turn, it wears off).

12) Monster Reborn: 100 SP: Revives 1 monster with full HP.

13) Swords of Revealing Light: 100 SP: Opponents canít use offensive spells/abilities, and canít attack for next 3 turns of opponent (complete round of all [1 turn, all 4 party members have passed, then 2 more], not individual).

14) Harpieís Feather Duster: 100 SP: Cancels all effects of items of opposing party and dispels all good status of opposing party. Passive abilities of opposing monsters are negated for 1 turn of that monster.

15) Change of Heart: 200 SP: Control 1 opposing monster for 1 turn.

16) Painful Choice: 100 SP: Heal 1 target (Base 120), caster takes 1/2 of the cure as damage.

17) Bindings of the Sand: 50 SP: Earth damage to opposing monsters. (Base 80) 25% SPD DOWN 2 to each, 25% Slow to each. Physical Attack

1) Mirror Force: Delay: 6 turns: Cancel the 1st attack/abilities that has damage done to your party/monster, and opposing party takes the supposed damage instead. Effects of abilities/attacks are not applied.

2) Solemn Judgement: Delay: 5 turns: Opposing partyís abilities/spells cost 20 more to cast. Also cancels Conserver status of opposing party.

3) Magic Cylinder: Delay: 8 turns: Cancel the 1st ability/spell done by opposing party and redirect that ability/spell to another target of your choice.

4) Gravity Bind: Delay: 3 turns: Cancel the 1st ability done by opposing party.

5) Magic Jammer: Delay: 3 turns: Cancel the 1st spell done by the opposing party.

6) Seven Tools of the Bandit: Delay 5 turns: (Initiative A) Opposing Duelist canít use items for 1 turn.

7) Jar of Greed: Delay: 1 turn: 1 target gains 10 SP.

8) The Polite Intruders: Delay: 6 turns: creates 3 Ojamas (1 HP) into play. Opposing party cannot target your partyís units unless the 3 Ojama tokens are destroyed.

9) Imperial Order: Delay: 9 turns: Opposing party canít use abilities for 1 turn (individually), and duelist is healed from all bad status.

10) Royal Decree: Delay: 15 turns: (Initiative B) All duelists canít use items until 5 of their turns have passed.

11) Skill Drain: Delay: 15 turns: (Initiative A) Monsters can only attack during their next 5 turns, and duelist is healed of all bad status.

12) MYSTICAL REFPANEL: Delay: 5 turns: Until next turn of duelist, whenever a spell specifically targets a monster he/she controls, redirect that spell to an opposing monster.

13) Solemn Wishes: Delay: 5 turns: Until the end of your opponentís turn (all 4 members), whenever a monster you control is damaged, duelist gains that much life.

14) Judgement of Anubis: Delay: 9 turns: Opposing duelist cannot use any items for 3 turns of duelist and is silenced (must be dispelled).
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