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Default Re: YGO RP: D.I.V.A. system

Originally Posted by Alakazam
I'm still working on what monsters, magic, and traps I'll be using, but definately count me in!

BTW...what is 'lck'? luck? What effect will that have?


Name: Brian

1) Magical Marionette
2) Kaiser Glider
3) Black Magician of Chaos (NOT MOBC, the rit. monster)
4) Death Vorgestalph
5) Invader of Darkness
6) Guardian Angel Joan
7) Archangel Zerrato (as long as I'm allowed to get him out right away)
8) Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
9) Masked Beast Death Guardius

1) Monster Reborn
2) Premature Burial
3) Raigeki
4) Mage Power
5) Black Core
6) Swords of Revealing Light
7) Twin Swords of Flurry - Tryce
8) Rod of Silence - Kessuto
9) Dian Keto, Goddess of Healing
10) Dark Hole
11) Tribute to the Doomed
12) Offerings to the Doomed
13) Poison of the Old Man
14) Axe of Despair
15) Harpy's Featherduster
16) Change of Heart

1) Nightmare Wheel
2) Negate Attack
3) Energy Drain
4) Waboku
5) Mirror Force
6) Imperial Order
7) Trap Jammer
8) Magic Cylinder
9) Judgement of Anubis
10) Mirror Wall
11) Call from the Darkness
12) White Hole
13) Call of the Haunted
14) Destruction Ring
15) Sakaretsu Armor
Luck is just used to create the final stats of your character, and also affects accuracy and evasion... yeah... I'm gonna do a LOT of work... all with just my formulas and calculators... =P

oh, and ah, where can I find Archangel Zerrato? I have to know what he/she does first... Des Volstgalph and Masked Beast Des Garius I know, but the angel, nope...

and, your stats? I'll make the EVA, ACC and LCK.

To Kenny: Be patient... only a few more abilites to clear up... =P


1) The only "level-up" you'll have here is when you beat another duelist... and you "level-up", meaning your stats are increased... not the monsters... =P

2) New statuses: BAD: The complete opposite of UP status... DOWN... you get the idea... see the list above.

3) New terms: Empty: Only Duelist remains, and his/her monsters are "dead". Duelist-EMPTY: Meaning you can't target the duelist unless he/she is empty.
Initiative (Letters A - C): Which one is faster. A is the fastest, while C is the slowest; applied to items)
Delay: Take it literally; how many turns beofre you get to use it again... used for items.

4) If you want to fight already, be patient. I'm almost always on, but not in the right time... =P

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