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Default Re: The Cloning Thread

I'm willing to clone for whoever that asks. :]

Also, to those who do not have a single shiny and are new here, I'm willing to give you a few Pokemon to start off your collection if you are wanting to becoming a trader. :3
that particular service no longer offered after February 24, 2008*

The maximum amount of Pokemon I can clone at a time is six, though, though I'd prefer it be within one or two parties. I AR clone and am fast, so I suggest waiting on wifi with trash Pokemon until I get back on again. xD

Please note that I will not claim myself to be this so-called 'trustworthy' unless you believe that I am. Trustworthiness is just plain opinion, and I cannot change one's opinion just by stating that I'm trustworthy. If you want to trust me with your Pokemon, go ahead -- it's just your opinion that matters in this case.

*Please also note that I am also freakishly busy and cannot play D/P as much as I used to.
Trying to be more active (again), but failing.
Maybe I'll succeed this time!

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