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Default WiFi Gym League: Closed

Credit for Banner goes to bigboy

Well, since people wanted this as a sub forum and it can't be done till Ryan gets back Neo said to start it off as a thread so here it is. You may apply for one Gym.

These are the types of Gyms the League will have, 1 for each type. Anyone applying for a gym is listed next to it and is not guaranteed to become the leader.

Fire {Lord94,} Taken
Water {Ty Merson}Taken
Ground {SaviorSephiroth}Taken
Grass {Siilenced}Taken
Ice {}
Bug {Seanrocks126}Taken
Poison {Kei Ochima}Taken
Dark {Aidan}Taken
Ghost {}
Dragon {darkestmaster}Taken
Electric {Kim Warwick}Taken
Flying {spenny3}Taken
Steel {Pedro}Forum Name:Hinato
Rock {Hyper Blaze}Taken
Psychic {grievious is king}Taken
Normal {shady 1886}Taken
Fighting {Golden-Silver}Taken

You may not apply for any game that has been taken. Any open though you may apply for.

Elites and Chamption will be decided later.

Now for the applications you must fill out the form.

Friend Code:

Don't post your Pokemon Team, send Diesel_34 a PM with the Pokemon you can use. Send the PM as soon as you post your application.

Now you must be active to be one of these and now I will be setting up a new rule. Unless you have been on the forum for a month you will not be allowed to become a gym leader. Why? We need these people to be active. People can't get anywhere if they don't have an active gym leader to challenge.

I will be setting up a thread for you to post your WiFi League Gym Stats. Now heres the catch. You will not be able to add your badge to your stats until the end of the week. Mostly likely to be friday. On Saturday at sometime the gym leaders will either post or send me a PM with those who may add the badge to their stats. If I catch anyone cheating then you will be given a warning, a one week temp ban, and then a ban. This will be hard to do which is why all this has to be done to keep this going smoothly. So go out there and win some badges folks.

Now that the gyms are open post when you win battles against a gym leader and the leader must confirm it. You must go by there rules and no arguing. They are the leaders and if you wish to challenge them for the gym you may, but only once unless the leader quits. So now go out and do your best leaders good luck.

Note:Leaders, I will be looking to see those of you who do the best to decide who will be the elite four.

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