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Default Re: Fan Made Events?

Simple. Here's some good step-by-step intructions to get you going:

1. You must have two games. Diamond and Pearl, Pearl and Pearl, Diamond and Diamond, it doesn't matter.
2. Start all over from the beginning, and choose a good OT. For example, I made a PE2K Psyduck (I still have it).
3. Breed an egg from one of the games, and transfer it to the game that started all over, and hatch it. DON'T LET IT BATTLE.
4. Transfer the hatched egg back to the original game.
5. Clone it, or get it cloned. (Optional)
5. If you think cloning is cheating, keep repeating steps 3 and 4.

Viola! Your very own event. You don't have to do that however. If you want to do it with legendary Pokemon, however...

1. Copy step one from the breeding events.
2. Copy step two from the breeding events.
3. Go through the game, and catch a legendary. DON'T LET IT BATTLE. Transfer it to the original game.
4. The best way to make several of these events is cloning, since you don't want the ID No. to be different. So, you have to clone if you want several.

Hope this helped.
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