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Default Re: Contest Chat

don't know how much people will care, but I'll just post it right here.

I've bought pearl. You may be saying, who cares?

Well, maybe you should, as contest really drew me in unlike ol' RSE's, they're a nice break from battles.

Anyway, Jack told me that if we could make DP contest rules work for URPG, he'd upgrade the rules, and super contests will have a different set of ribbons(possibly... we may have to discuss that) than RSE, meaning you can gain 2 different Master Rank Ribbons of the same attribute.

To my understanding, here's what DP contests should look like in URPG(of course, only the last part of super contests will be added, no way we can dress up our Pokemon and get more points for that, or dance):

1) Four turns of moves instead of five: some may like this, some not. However, it's a fact.
2) There are three fictional judges to appeal to. These won't be real people, just three unpictured names each contestant has to send moves to(they're different from URPG judges, you have to send the moves, for example, to me or Ataro, URPG judges, and in the move PM you say to which your move will be sent to. This may sound hard, but trust me, it's easier than you think. Let's say those three fictional judge's names are Pollon, Mr. Pickypants and Leaza, and I'm judging your super contest. You send me a PM with your move, saying if send it to Pollon, Pickypants or Leaza. P.S.: i chose three random names, you can make up your own ;p no default name or anything like that)
3) Each fictional judge has its own crowd meter, that like in RSE contests has 5 levels. No points are awarded by using same attribute move, unless the voltage of that judge is 5, which will grant 5 hearts and 50 points*. Voltage will still be raised by using same attribute moves.
4) At the end of the turn, the URPG judge will hand extra points basing on how many people appealed on each judge. Basically, if 2 people appealed on Leaza, one on Pollon and one on Mr. Pickypants, the first two will get 2 hearts, and the last two will get 3 hearts. If three people appealed on the same judge, they'll receive only 1 heart each, and if all four people appealed on the same judge, no point will be given.
5) After the first turn, the order of appeals will be from the lowest to the highest points( for example, Staravia has 50 Points, Floatzel 30, Pineco 10 and Wurmple 0, next round order will be: Wurmple first, Pineco 2nd, Floatzel 3rd and Staravia 4th)
6) No nervous status, but since the move effect changes in DP no real surprise at all

* = I'm unsure on how many points are handed when voltage reach 5, because I've seen it happening only once, however I'll check and tell you.

So, if you see any error about the rules, or I've forgot some rules, please post here, and comment would be nice. I know it may sound confusing, so ask me if you want to be clarified anything.
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