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Default Re: Pokemon Organization

I do them by habitat, like Monkey Boy, except more organized and a few exceptions.
Urban for most Normal, Poison, Psychic, and Fighting Pokemon.
Marsh/Swamp for some Bug, Grass, Poison, and Water Pokemon.
Nursery for Baby Pokemon.
Cave for Rock, Ground and Pokemon caught in the cave.
Savannah for most Pokemon in the Safari Zone.
Island for most beach-ish Pokemon like Horsea, Pelipper and Goldeen.
Seafloor for the big Water Pokemon like Cloyster and Lapras.
Forest for some Normal, Grass, Bug, Poison, and Pokemon in forests.
Tundra for Ice Pokemon.
Volcano for Fire Pokemon.
Sky for Flying Pokemon.
Elite 4 for the Strongest and legendaries.
Mountian for big bulky Pokemon, Rock/Ground Pokemon and Pokemon in Mountian areas for the Kanto Pokedex.
Desert for Rock and Ground Pokemon that look suitable and Cacnea/Cacturne.
I think that's all.
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