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Originally Posted by pokemaster1111 View Post
Yeah, I'd have to agree with ND on this one. (I don't want to say his name) is a perfect example. It can become quite aggrevating seeing people in multiple clans. Well as T.O said about meeting new people when you join multiple clans, they should leave their current clan and then join the other one. Because when it comes to war time, things can get ugly. I think there should be a limit to people in clans. We should only like have people in one, or possibly even two clans at most. I've seen someone who was in 6 different clans. So there should be a limit on how many clans you can be in at a time and there should also be a limit on all the new clans that pop out of no where..
I did some research about a month ago, and I believe that there were three or four leaders that were members of other clans at the time. How sad. Now, I don't think there are as many, but there are still members that are in tons of clans. That also has been declining, but still a problem.

I believe that the successful leaders in the Battling Center are the ones who don't allow members into their clan that are in multiple clans. I mean, the Banished Warriors and the Elite Bandits are doing a good job, as all (I believe) of their members are loyal to one clan only.
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