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Default Re: Help on the Buried Relic Dungeon

Originally Posted by Wild_Fire View Post
I got to the part where I beat all three Regi's, and then the dungeon kept on going. Im just wondering. What's the reccomended way to explore this dungeon? How many floors are to this dungeon? Also, some other tips to get through this dungeon without dying. Please help!!

And this is for Blue Rescue Team.
Well, it's a 99 Floor Dungeon. :P After you beat it a few times it gets quite easy.. I'd suggest you just keep going and post in a rescue team thread or PM me if you die. Also, if you're not in Buried Relic right now, BRING LOTS OF REVIVER SEEDS AND MAX ELIXERS WHEN YOU GO BACK IN. ALSO, USE A TIGHT BELT. IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE, PM ME OR POST IN THE WONDERMAIL GENERATOR THREAD. Opon beating Buried Relic, more events will happen and you will earn the Mew 'badge' (These are visible when you press 'Continiue' from the start menu. A window pops up showing your stats, and there are little squares, each with its own Legendary.) Goooooood luuuuck. (BR took 2 or 3 tries for me)
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