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Default Re: Your greatest G/S moment

1. (In 1st file of Silver) When I beat Lance with my Heracross. His last Dragonite used hyper beam and I survived with one HP (didn't have focus band) and countered it and it died. I thought I'd die for sure. My pokemon were too under leveled and I have no idea why I even tried to beat the league then. It was pretty funny though. Definitely made my day.
2. Getting my first six level 100 pokemon
3. Getting my first shiny pokemon (besides gyarados). It was a tangela.
4. Um... catching lugia was really cool. It's my second favorite pokemon.
5. And um crushing my brother (TMTS) over and over and over again. I'm currently undefeated lol.
(yeah, I sort of ran out of ideas after 3... Though I have beaten the league hundreds of times. Too lazy to turn on gameboy.)
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