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Default Re: The Grading Group & Grader Apps

This system has been created by Galleon and tweaked by EmBreon. And then tweaked again by both of them. And you don't really care, anyway, do you? Honestly, just skip to the next part, already. Gah.

A post is 5,000 characters.

Starting Value (one post)
Weak Grade = $500 + $100 x (each post after)
Basic Grade = $2,000 + $200 x (each post after)
Moderate Grade = $5,000 + $500 x (each post after) = TOTAL EARNED
Complex Grade = $7,000 + $1,000 x (each post after)
Extensive Grade = $10,000 + $2,000 x (each post after)
So the amount of money earned for each grade is first determined by the grade itself. A weak grade gives one or two sentences comments about the story, and may also give very brief suggestions about how to improve the story. A moderate grade provides a good amount of information and gives helpful tips. An extensive grade brings insightful assistance in a way that is clear and accessible to the author (not some stupid ranting).

As an example, using this system, a moderate grade for a story that is 15,000 characters would receive… 5000 + (500 x 2) = $6,000. A weak grade for the same story would receive… 500 + (100 x 2) = $700. And an extensive grade for the same story would receive… 10,000 + (2000 x 2) = $14,000.

A grade that is deemed ‘unacceptable’ (mocking the reader and such) may not be awarded any money.

Length should be properly rounded; 22K is closer to 20K than 25K.

So. If you want to see random examples, I grabbed stuff from a specific wages group and hyperlinked people to grades that got the various ranks.

What each rank means

Weak: $500 (100)
One or two sentences per category, providing very little feedback on the story. These are what we call "crap grades." Try to avoid them.

Basic: $2,000 (200)
A bit of decent feedback, but nothing with any particular depth to it. These grades are generally kinda vague and only make some surface-level observations about the story. However, these grades are just fine for simpler or shorter stories, because in the easier difficulties, a lot of writers make the same general mistakes and need the same general advice.

Moderate: $5,000 (500)
A good amount of decent feedback. These grades point out the most relevant and important issues for the writer to work on. This is the rank that every grader should try to maintain all the time.

Complex: $7,000 (1000)
A lot of helpful feedback. These grades are quite elaborate and provide very clear and helpful information for the writer. These grades address specific concerns for each story individually, digging deeper into the story than a Moderate grade would. This doesn't mean nitpicking; this means looking for patterns in the story, looking for literary devices, as well as providing feedback on how well these things were done or how they could be improved. Both Complex and Extensive grades may be very unconventional. Not every story needs this kind of grade, though. Don't try to do a complex grade for a friggin' Magikarp story or something similar.

Extensive: $10,000 (2000)
Very in-depth and packed with helpful feedback. These bad boys don't just provide a lot of feedback, though; they provide feedback that is not generally seen in most grades, feedback that looks deeper into the story than the other ranks do, analyzing all the important areas of the story with a very attentive eye. These kinds of grades are rare and often, not at all necessary, so don't try to go for Extensive all (or even most of) the time.

|| Important Note ||
Length won't determine ranking. Naturally, Complex and Extensive grades will be pretty long, but that's only because they need that much length in order to give as much help as they do. Dragging a grade out with rambling, vague, or irrelevant information won't improve a grade's ranking at all.

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