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Default Re: Pokemon: Trainer's programme

Originally Posted by chocydrops View Post
name: Ai Zakuro

age: 15

Description: Ai is very shy and doesn't talk to anyone enless she is good friends with them. She doesn't talk much but when she is battling she goes full out. Whenever she is not battling she is daydreaming but she is very smart.

History: Ai is an orphan who lived in an orphanage with her best friend Yo Ketchum. When she first got her Eevee she was very ill and wasn't able to train but she got better and set off to become the best.


what did you do to get in: Was seen beating every Eeveelution with just an Eevee.

Hometown: Pallet Town

gender: Female

Starter: Eevee
ok ya my starter is shiny,and chocydrops my chacher might like yours
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