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Default Re: Oh cool we're back, finally someone can RMT

lol, I dont mind your opinions, I just do what works for me with a team. Hey, as long as you dont act like your god and inflict your wrath upon me like the last guy, Im satisifed and thank you for your suggestions.

But in the interest of being extremly repetetive Ill Critisize your critisizations.
On Ninetales, Yes he would get owned by a water pokemon. I just used lanturn as an example because when ninetales was to use confuse ray and attract with the moveset boltage included, the opponent had a choice to select which pokemon they would use to go against ninetales(WATER!). In the event of a water pokemon being sent out like you and I described, I, knowing how to use MY moveset, which is why I like it, (^_^), I (with my moveset)would use Roar to get out a different pokemon and burn them. And because Ninetales has high speed, he would probably get the roar in before he got Pwned. Good example of him getting owned nonetheless, you just prooved my point in a quicker manner, because me and boltage both had will o wisp on our movesets. lol.

Okay On Absol you said,"I wasn't aware something with the defense of a paper bag had the ability to survive 3 turns or more to set up its strategy in a game where gender dependence is no longer needed."

The reason why he can survive, my friend, is because of attract, and Substitute and the intended baton passed mean look from umbreon. Gender dependence is indeed no longer needed in Ruby and sapphire, but it is in this case, because he AHEM she has attract. ^_^

You may be correct about me being contradictory about my breloom, although I dont agree. I EV trained Breloom to be a sweeper with Evs in speed and Attack, and I ev trained Tentacruel to be a Mirror coater. Theres a teeny difference I dont mean that sarcastically either, very teeny difference. Instead of speed you'd like the sp.def for the absorbtion of the Sp atk. And now that you mention it, I do need to EV train it in HP. Thanks for the wake up on the HP thing. The other guy did It briefly and presented it in an, "I need to be defense about this, and not listen to a word he says" manner. heh.
And about Counter, yes they should be asleep, thats why I said, IF they do attack. Because although thats the only I can use that move. Its just a last resort like if they're fast and get the first attack, or if they are a tank and have Chesto berry and Im making them use it early. Kind of like, something to fall back on. All Horse power and no air bags will get you in a body bag if youre drunk, bro. Just a metaphor. ^_^
And about the OHKO on breloom because he has no defense or HP, well he has leech seed to keep the HP up for a while, same with leftovers, and his base defense is relatively good. Oh and btw I only listed the top 2 EVs I did. Whatever. And I know theres nothing wrong with having two (or in some cases more) Atk oriented moves on one poke, but Id rather have counter to be more versatile and actually take some extra advantage in the HP sap, without using giga drain.

For umbreon. Well Moonlight and rest do about the same amount of wasting time. But I might just take your rest suggestion. I like it, even though I still think mines better. Now dont you forget. lol. And the charm idea sounds great as well. When the pass is made to absol, it could mean even more undeadness. Does Umbreon learn a move that raises defense other than Curse. Because yes, thats why I had it. But The opponent loosing def. is the same as you gaining Atk I assume.

Thanks alot for the suggestions.I like your approach. The approach that doesnt make people pissed off. Great strategy, I like your style, have an apple.

lol all kidding aside. Thanks alot. Im glad you agree with the rudeness, at least now I know Im not having skitso debates with myself on the internet. lol.
Thanks for the rate that gave me info and not a pain in the ass. Can I say ass? >_<
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