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Default Re: [SU] Rise Of The God Dracos!


Name: Keena Uzikim

Age: 13

Gender: Female


Personality: Tough,Calm, and rather quiet around others. She can get cocky when battling,only to get his butt kicked sometimes. She has always been a loner in her childhood. Mostly because her parents died for some reason when she was only 5. She never knew how or why. When he was about 6-7, She blamed herself for her parents death. She just wanted to see her parents again.
She has a big love for fantasy creatures.

History: Keenan was born in a poor family. Because of that,he was born in that very house. But then, one day, his parents died mysteriously. All he remembers is seeing a dark figure with a long bloody sword dissapearing into the night. He had no friends or relatives that lived nearby. So, He learned how to care for himself at only 5 years old. But as time went by,he wanted friends. Lonely,He drew up a Draco. He got the idea from this show he used to watch.

Draco Form

Nickname: Katana

Species: Fox-Humanoid Dracos

Description Of Your Species:

Special Technique: Can shoot many types of beams from her staff.

Personality: Katana likes to think herself as a Warrior. She mostly acts like a normal everday girl at times,but will even die trying to save her good friend,Keenan. She is about 6 feet tall. She has a liking to battle and do practice duels,only to use her techniqus and see if she has improved on her skills.

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