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Default Re: Those dang Discriminating Barbies

Originally Posted by bjgamecreations
Alright here's my problem. Have you seen those new "My Scene" Barbies? I'm guessing they're targeted at older teens but I think it's disturbing. They're scandily clothed and they appear, on the commericials to be picking up guys at clubs and bars. Now what this tells me is that parents buy these teen-oriented Barbies for their teens, their teens get some crazy idea that it'll be really fun to dress up like "My Scene Barbie" and pick some guys up at the bar. Well unfortunately the world doesn't work like it does for Barbie and the younger teens end up getting into trouble. It isn't just Barbies anymore either; Brats, and all those other doll, action figures whatever you wanna call 'em are just plain discriminating. I also think that Barbie is disgusting because she is so perfect. It make some girls feel like they're ugly because they don't have the perfect body of Barbie.
I agree that the image Barbie portrays a negative images for teens...but discriminating? How so and against who?
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