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Talking Re: [SU] Rise Of The God Dracos!

Okay, the I'll be joining this forum after all if that's okay.

Name: Ceo Camari

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearence: Ceo has Blonde hair that goes down past his shoulders in the back, and down to his eyes in the front. He has light green eyes, and is about 5 feet tall. He has peach skin, and wears a long sleeved t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and hiking boots. There is no sign of muscles on his body.

Personality: Ceo is very quiet and usually only talks when he needs to, or if he's awnsering a question. He talks only to his two Dracos, and is sort of lazy. Ceo is friendly, and he loves to sit in front of the TV or computer all day. He usually only goes outside to play with his Dracos. Although he is lazy, he is very fast when he's running.

History: Ceo's parents are no longer around because his mother died when he was born, and his father is at war. He has an older brother, and his little sister with him. Ceo stays at his brother, "Constar's", house although most of the time he's at work. His family was poor, and his brother was only getting enough money to pay for his house and the electric bill. So Ceo was always wandering outside, and in the mountains. One day while in the mountains, Ceo wandered into a big cave that looked like it could go on forever, so he decided to explore it. As he got to a dead end, he started heading back from the way he came. As soon as he got out of the tunnel, a huge avalanche was coming down the mountain. He stood there stunned, when a small purple figure grabbed onto him. It seemed as though the avalanche was going right through them. In fact, that was exactly what was happening. As the avalanche passed the small purple thing fell onto the ground. He carried it home , lied it on his bed, and gave it some food and water and left it in his room. The next day he found it wide awake sitting on his bed, and the food and water bowl was empty. From then on, Ceo and this dracko was friends from then on.

Draco Form

Nickname: Synax (sss-eye-nax)

Species: Ghost

Description: Synax has two pointy purple spikes that hang over his eye, his mouth looks like a third spike, only it turns into a mouth, and his chin is sphere-ish. His eye is fused with the mouth and the second spike. His two arms are like lizard feet, and he has two big blue spots on each arm. His body is like a horn, it is big at the one end, and then it gets smaller until it gets to the other end. Synax is about one foot long, and he has a hooked tail that hangs down. Synax is always floating, and he has blue spots all over him.

Special Technique: Passing Power- Synax can go through anything, but he cannot stay inside of something for very long. As he is in something, he uses up his energy. Also if Synax is holding onto something/someone, then the same thing happens.

Personality: Personality: Ever since the day that Synax saved Ceo, he has always stayed with him. He likes to eat a lot of gross foods, like molded food, or rotten (you get the point.). He stays inside the house and wanders the atic and other parts of the house.
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