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Default Re: The Opposite of Peace

Okay I decided to Join

Name: Tyson J. Mcoy


Aligment: Daimon Heights

Weapons: A Katana Blade

Appearance: Tyson stands at six feet tall. Tyson wears a sweater that is blue, black and red. Tyson stomache part of the sweater is blue, where there is two pockets in his sweater there has a print of a pokeball on there and can fit his hands in. His hood of the sweater is blood red, and his short sleeves are red. Besides that he has peach skin and an alethic body. Tyson wears baggy blue jeans and red and blue sneakers.

Personality: Tyson is very stubborn, kind, and tough. Tyson cares for his pokemon, and for his loves one. Tyson would do anything to make anyone happy. Tyson only becomes stubborn when he's batling cause he never likes to give up; that alos makes him tough. Tyson can be brave but he's mostly taking care of any one besides him self. Tyson dosen't get relax and confedient, sometimes he does. Tyson has one thing no one has in his family Courage.

History: Born and raised in Pallet Town, Tyson has always had a mid-class family, and pokemon. Tyson had always love pokemon. One dark night the crickets where ticking, and Tyson and his pokemon Raichu had been walking home. Even though it was dark, Raichu lit up the darkness with it's bright tail. As he walked home he saw a person in a alley doing something, the person looked like he was killing someone. Tyson stopped and starred at the person as the person turned it's head and face towards Tyson he began to chase after him. Tyson pointed at the person and commanded his Raichu to blast a thunderbolt at him. Ever since that day Tyson has joined Diamon Heights so he can protect people.


Description: Raichu has the same personality as Tyson but braver. Raichu looks like an ordinary Raichu.

Description: Aipom is very childish, and loves to play around. Aipom is an ordinary Aipom who loves playing.
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