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Default Re: The Opposite of Peace

Originally Posted by MikaelO View Post
Is dead or what? You said that we'd start in Sunday or Monday, but... We didn't!
Sorry, dude, I'll bring it up soon. I'm lazy right now.

Originally Posted by Eveelover12 View Post
Name: Name: Sam J. Saline

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Alignment: Diamond Heights

Weapon: A simple sword

Appearance: His look is very young. He is very short and never looks his age. Even though he is 17 he looks like he's 13. He usually wears blue jeans and sneakers with a red tee shirt (He has a jacket unless it gets cold) and he has a hat but he never wears it. He has shoulder length strait, sort of wavy, blonde hair. It gets a little darker in the fall and winter and bleaches out light blonde in the sprig and summer. He has bright green eyes and soft pink lips. His skin is pale but not pure white. He has a belt which he attaches his Pokeballs to in case he ever needs them in a hurry. On his arm he has a birthmark in the shape of a diamond and his parents say it's a symbol that he was supposed to protect them. He just thinks that it's a birthmark.

Personality: Very shy and quiet but when he needs to be he is also very loud and outgoing. He likes to be a follower but will be a leader, and a pretty good one at that. But mostly he is very shy and doesn't really like to talk. He is actually terrified of a most everything around him but he became a defender of Diamond Heights. He doesn't like to talk to people much and he doesn't have any friends besides his Pokemon. When he meets someone knew he is always terrified so much that he's shaking. He's not very good with people.

History: He hasn't had that interesting of a past. But one thing big thing did happen when he was eight. One night, when everyone in his house has asleep, he heard a crash in his house. He got up out of bed and took the family Flareon for some light. When he made it to his parents bedroom he saw it. An Axe Murderer. He was standing Sam's mother bringing his axe up on the backswing, about to kill Sam's mother. Like a reflex, he barked out the order, "Flareon!! Flamethrower!!" It singed the axe murderer, knocking him out long enough for Sam to call the police. It was horrible. He lived in Diamond Heights so he had never seen anything like this, ever. It followed him for the rest of his life so up until now when he's 17. That was also the day he got his Pokemon. His parents got him 4 Pokemon because after that night, they knew that he could handle them. Ever since then he has worked hard to train his Pokemon. He finished school as the Valedictorian, seeing as he had no social life to distract him from his studies. He now heard about this war and he knows his Pokemon and himself are ready.


Species: Umbreon
Gender: Male
Nickname: Umbers (He only calls him that sometimes. Most of the time he calls him Umbreon)
Description: Very brave and full of courage. The most outgoing of the 4 Pokemon. He always takes whatever challenges come at him and always is determined to win. He is always the most hard working Pokemon out of all of them. He battles hard but he also plays hard too. He loves to have fun and take a wild moment sometimes.

Species: Glaceon
Gender: Female
Nickname: Glaci (He only calls her that sometimes. Most of the time he calls her Glaceon)
Description: She is a big tomboy and is at least the 2nd most hard working Pokemon. She loves to battle Umbreon all the time, even though she's never won against him. She's determined to win someday though. She loves to have fun a lot more than Umbreon though. She loves to explore and find new places.

Species: Vulpix
Gender: Female
Nickname: Vulpix
Description: She is a major girly-girl. She likes to train but hates to get dirty doing it. She has a major flamethrower though for how much time she spends training. She has a diamond collar she found on the beach one day and she never shares it. If you touch it, she'll rip you to shreds.

Species: Wigglytuff
Gender: Male
Nickname: Wiggly (He only calls him that sometimes. Most of the time he uses the full Wigglytuff)
Description: He may look like a sweet innocent little ball of rubber, but don't be fooled. His absolute favorite thing to do is to use sing to put people to sleep and then use dream eater to cause them horrible nightmares. He has his twisted fun doing this. Sam has to try to stop him most of the time. He never trained as hard as the other 3 but he still packs a punch with his mega-punch.
Accepted, good job.

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