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Default Re: Dawn of Heroes: The Thousand Year War(SU)

Here I go!

Name: Dakon the Wolverine

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species/Appearence: take Sonic, color him brown, and give him Tails' spiked fur around his mouth. Give him Knuckles' crooked tail. And give him a Fang in his mouth. He has red eyes, and he wears the same kind of glove as sonic. the hair on his head is slightly tattered and longer than sonics quills, and there you go!

Peronality:He can be a nice guy most of the time. He's a mostly reliable person to his friends and allies. He will do whatever it takes to complete a mission, whether it means destroying a city, or saving the world. He has a deep voice, and can be considered an anti-hero. Always ready to get into the action, he tries to rush boring things.


Power: Super-Sonic speed
Fury Rush:Spin Dash
Raging Claw: Punches/Slashes the foe in a fury
Tornado Force: Spins around almost like Taz from Looney Toons
Crushing Fang: Homing Attack like, homes in on the foe and slashes

Other: none

I'll do my history later...
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