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Default Electric Lawnmower v.4

Alright, after spending $50 on Pokemon cards today, I'm closer to perfection on my deck which started out as a variation to the Leaf Green theme deck.

1x Dragonite ex DELTA SPECIES (Dragon Frontiers)
1x Dragonair DELTA SPECIES (Dragon Frontiers)
2x Dratini DELTA SPECIES (Dragon Frontiers)
1x Ledian (Team Rocket Returns)
2x Ledyba (Team Rocket Returns)
2x Scyther (FireRed and LeafGreen)
1x Pidgeot (FireRed and LeafGreen)
1x Pidgeotto DELTA SPECIES (Holon Phantoms)
1x Pidgey DELTA SPECIES (Holon Phantoms)
1x Manectric (Holon Phantoms)
1x Manectric (Mysterious Treasures)
1x Electrike (Crystal Guardians)
2x Electrike (Mysterious Treasures)
1x Jolteon (OP Series 3)
2x Eevee (Unseen Forces)
1x Magneton (FireRed and LeafGreen)
1x Magnemite (Power Keepers)
1x Magnemite (FireRed and LeafGreen)
1x Mewtwo DELTA SPECIES (Holon Phantoms)
1x Electabuzz (Diamond and Pearl)

1x Celio's Network
1x Energy Charge
2x Energy Search
1x Grass Cube 01
1x Gust of Wind
1x Night Maintenance
1x Nightly Garbage Run
2x Poke Ball
1x Pokedex
1x Potion
1x Professor Oak

3x Multi Energy
11x Electric Energy
8x Grass Energy
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