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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

Kyle unsheathed the Samurai Sword which was held in a sheath that was connected to the armor, and he began walking. The armor clanking with every step he took. This place, the armor, even the sword felt so real, but that was highly unlikely, for this was just a game. Kyle came to a halt when he spotted some people up ahead, and he raised his sword into a defensive position, for he was weary of them. For all he knew, they could be enemy, who wished to harm him.

He surveyed the scenery, taking in the surroundings. There were more of them, than there were of him. That was pretty obvious. He stared at the group before him, examining every detail of their clothing, taking in their dresspheres, trying to find anything he could use to his advantage if they were enemies.
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