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Default Re: UPDATE: The Three New Pokemon Revealed!

Manyula is a pretty cool Pokemon, and although its design doesn't differ too much from Sneasels, it's sure to have better stats which will make evolving it the best option any Sneasel Trainer could want.

Manene doesn't really interest me, as I'm not a Mr. Mime fan, but Usokki is interesting. Almost definately a Rock type though. The only time a Pokemon loses a type when evolving is if it gets replaced (If a Pokemon loses a type at all) so it can't have a second type.

On that subject of Lucarios type though (As it was released with the new Pokemon info)... I really don't understand the Steel type, to be honest:

Magnemite - Made of Metal
Megneton - Made of Metal
Forretress - Metal shell
Steelix - Metal body
Scizor - Metal Shell
Skarmory - Metal body
Mawile - Metal jaws
Aron - Metal armor
Lairon - Metal armor
Aggron - Metal armor
Beldum - Metal body
Metang - Metal body
Metagross - Metal body
Registeel - Metal body
Jirachi - Unknown

Jirachi is the only Steel Pokemon thus far whose physical form is not connected to Steel in some way or another; would they honestly make Lucario a Steel type merely because of the spikes on its chest? Or did they make it Steel to provide an "interesting type combo"? Maybe I'm just picky...

It would be better for them to make the DP legendaries as types that haven't appeared as legendaries before (i.e. Dark, Fighting, Poison, Ghost, etc) instead of using a type that doesn't even fit the Pokemon in reality.

I still like Lucario, I merely wish they'd have based types on overall appearance and abilities rather than an "interesting combo", or next we'll see a Flying/Psychic type that can only fly in the anime by using telekinisis. : /

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