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Default Re: Teen Titans: New Allies!

Name: Sam

Age: 13

Gender: Boy

Powers: Has the power to freeze things. Also to control Ice and snow.

Personality: Very shy and quiet. He doesn't have many friends and rarely talks. He has shoulder length hair and he usually keeps it over his face. He doesn't smile much and if you surprise him, well hope you have something to thaw with cause he'll freeze you. It's nothing personal, just a reflex. He's a lot like Raven and doesn't like to be seen much at all.He spends most of his time alone.

Appearance: Very pale skin with shoulder length blue hair. He has blue nails and his eyes are all blue. No white. Just blue. He usually wears blue and black clothing and doesn't normally wear colors. He has them though.

History: His home planet is Earth but he was never accepted because of his... difference. His parents shunned him at the age of 2 when he accidently froze his Aunt Jillian. But Aunt Jillian wasn't mad. She took him in and cared for him, seeing that his parents weren't going to. Aunt Jillian and Sam started to not get invited to any family get-togethers. Everyone else thought that he was a menice and that someone might get hurt but Aunt Jillian understood that he just couldn't exactly control his powers yet. Over time, he got much better at controling the ice but it still popped out at moments. At age 5 she sent him to school. She didn't want to keep him locked up and home school him. She wanted him to get out there and be socially accepted. He never made any friends though. His Aunt Jillian says that it's not becuase of his powers or his appearence, but because he never wanted to try to make friends. He just wanted to go to school and learn, which he was very good at. He never got a grade below an A-. He went through school always unnoticed and spent alot of time by himself at home. The only person he ever let into his life was his Aunt Jillian since she always stayed with him. He knew there were more out there though. More like him. And he wanted to find them

Other: He has a bracelet with a snowflake charm he always wears. His parent's gave it to him the day he turned 2. It's the only thing he has left of them. They refuse to see him anymore

Starter-post: Can I give you a place to find some of my RP posts? If not then tell me and I'll edit this in.

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