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Default Re: [RP] Final Fantasy: Sphere of Creation

"Well? Are you coming?"

I found that rather abrupt of Dende, but we had to get moving, fiends moved about themselves, this wasn't a game. This was real, which meant that everything here was real and all pain was real and 'Game Over' really meant game over. There were no second chances if we were all dead. Sure, if one of us were to die, we could bring them back with a Phoenix Down, which, we didn't have, and or heal us with a White Mage, which I didn't know if anyone could change into, I know I couldn't. I checked all of mine.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming, we'll have to go inside the ruins to search for the sphere since we really don't have any other ideas." I replied quickly. "That is if the rest of you want to sit here and get killed, which I highly doubt."

I heard something, and looked over to the side. "Looks like snother just awoke to a very scary morning. Or, whatever time it is here."

OOC: You don't have to create a new line for every sentence Kaioo. You could be a little more literate as well.
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