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Default Re: Teen Titans: New Allies!

Originally Posted by espeonlover View Post
-.-' eeveeking, i know your trying to help, for one it was late when i did it (mainly because i had to go to bed) and two, ive asked you alot of times, leave me alone.
Well, one, if it was late when you wrote it, you should have saved it on Word, then gave it a better look over in the morning, and two, I've said it a lot of times, I don't care what you say, I'm going to continue to do this until you finally get what I'm trying to say, so deal with it. I'm stubborn Esp, I'm not going to give up on you yet.
98% of teens won't stand up for God. Repost this if you think that statistic is the most laughable thing ever.
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